Moving away from Facebook

I have been much less active on Facebook in the past few months. It was a very difficult transition for me. I lived on Facebook and the joke in my network was when was I going to post again.

I was completely hooked to Facebook. I could not stay off the platform and found myself always checking for comments, posts and writing up something as soon as I could. And I cannot even go into the videos. It had become a complete joke. Something had to change and I knew this. What was I going to do to break the addiction. I had already tried many things in the past but guess what I always went back to Facebook.

So I decided to try something different this time. I would not delete my Facebook account as I had tried to do before. Because in the past I had tried to deactivate my account only to reactivate it in no time at all.

No, I would keep my account but simply stop posting on Facebook. I had my personal profile and my Facebook page. So I decided that I really wanted to stop doing any personal posts and instead do the Facebook page posts, which would be business plans, at least that was the plan. My plan to use my Facebook page for business has not really worked but I knew this was probably going to happen in any case.

I also went to my settings in Facebook and made as difficult as possible to find me on Facebook. Not only that I changed my settings in such a way that if I comment on anything as few people as possible actually see it. Why would I want to do that? The idea was simple. Whereas before I wanted to engage with as many people as possible, I now thought it made more sense to engage with that one person who I am responding to. This way hopefully I could minimise the number of people I interact with on Facebook and hopefully spend much less time on the platform. But would this plan even work. Well let’s see.

So far this is probably the best I have done so far on Facebook. I am still active on the platform but I am now more of a reader and a consumer of news and content. I have found that this puts much less pressure on me to be always coming up with something.

I now also prefer one on one interactions on Facebook via inbox and messages instead of the comments. I find the private discussions and conversations much richer.

So a few months later, I must ask myself, am I cured of my Facebook addiction? I would prefer to be cautious on this one and say that things seem to be under control, at least for the time being. Because I have not posted in a long time, I find that my life on Facebook is much quieter than before.

I also find myself trying to imagine what a world without Facebook is like. I have re-imagined my life and world by using much less time on Facebook. I am much more productive than before.

The endgame for me with Facebook is to leave the platform completely at some stage. I know I am getting closer and closer to this. However, this is no pressure whatsoever. It will happen when it happens. The move from Facebook continues.

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