Account for your time

Sometimes one of the reasons why we are not able to achieve our goals is that we simply cannot account for our time .  Before we know it the day is gone.  This patterns can continue for weeks and months. Over the years I have interacted with many people who have complained that they are so busy but don’t seem to get much done. Seeing them is almost impossible even though you may live in the same neighbourhood or even work at the same company sometimes.

CHECK IN, CHECK OUT – Do you account for all your time every day? Do you check in at the beginning of the day with your plans for the day? Do you check out at the end of the day with the results and outcome? If you constantly miss your goals set every single day, how do you fare on a weekly basis, monthly basis, annual basis?  The sooner we can do the checking process the earlier we can take corrective action and enhances chances of success.

BREAK THE FLOW – Sometimes you are caught up in the routine which has been established over several years.  Why not break the flow and start again. If you start your day late, why don’t you try start early and see what happens. If you have a habit of going home late why don’t you start going home early. I assure you that you can live at work but there will always be something to do. This is a promise! We need to draw a line in the sand at some point.

BREAK FREE – In this day and age are you not a slave of technology. Are you able to disengage from the work mode when you get home?  Do you give your family the quality time they deserve?  Break free from technology. Make it the most of it but do not become a slave. Have timelines that are set aside for work and time for family an friends. You do not have to be answering emails and updating status on social networks round the clock.

DAILY and REGULAR REVIEW – A system to enhance your effectiveness need not be complicated. Every day you can do a simple review of the day’s activities to see if you achieved what you set out to do. If not, what was the reason? If system is built into your daily routine it can be quite beneficial.  Sometimes people allow themselves to be slaves of their diaries in the corporate environment. They are in meetings so often that they have no time left to do their own work. If you have such a situation you can block out portions of your diary for your own work. Something else you can do is simply write a list of things you wish to do and cross them out as the day goes by. Anything left at the end of the day is carried over or abandoned! It’s up to you.

ADJUSTMENTS – Following the regular reviews you will need to build in some improvements into your system. For instance you might not be getting things done because you do not prioritise things and operate in a haphazard manner. So you might decide that you will have more structure around your day. Perhaps you could dedicate the first 30 minutes of the day to replying emails, then the next 2 hours to business development calls.

TAKE CONTROL, TAKE CHARGE – Take control and take charge of your own time. Do not allow other people to always determine how you should spend your time.  If you do not take a proactive role in managing your own time, someone else will gladly do this for you. Make sure when you meet  at work you have set agendas and stick to timelines. Review your meetings and find out if you are getting value from them. Sometimes we meet for the sake for the sake of meeting.

Account for your time. It’s one of the most precious resources you have!

Have a great week! BTM

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