African Union and the Malawi Elections

There is a small problem regarding the Malawi elections. The African Union observer and former President of Namibia Dr Sam Nujoma has already declared the elections Free and Fair on the very first day of voting. However, we need to note a few things. Firstly both the voting and counting had not been completed. The voting was initially extended by a day. Secondly, there have been a number of irregularities during these elections. In fact as I write this update President Banda has requested that that Malawi Electoral Commission audits the entire process. This statement from President Banda was a result of many complaints by political parties around the election. Thirdly the vote counting system collapsed in Malawi this morning. The counting team is resorting to workarounds such as Faxes to sort the vote.

Now back to the African Union. How do they respond? They have already declared the elections Free and Fair for all intents and purposes. They must be praying that all the issues coming out of this election are resolved otherwise they would look a bit silly.

There was so much hope and expectation when the Organisation for African (OAU) Union gave way to the African Union. The OAU had its time and we were expected Africa to go to a whole new level with the AU. How can one account for the actions of the AU. On what basis did they make the statement on Malawi. Was it made on a scientific and statistical basis using the proportion of votes that had been counted and having made future projections? Was it an informed statement or was it perhaps something that cannot in any way be substantiated?

Perhaps questions Africa might need to ask itself is how much value is African Union adding, is it fulfilling the mandate for which it was set up? What will it take for African Union to provide the visionary leadership that Africa desperately craves. Many questions I ask. I trust that African Union will show us the way!#AfricaIsRising