Alani Keiser lands a nice contract with local retailer to supply Sun-dried tomato paste

How did a young lady end up getting the local retailer Pick and Pay to stock her homemade Sundried Tomato Relish? This is a very short story about the power of perseverance and loving what you do and working hard.

Eat healthy!

Alani Keiser has been relentless in spreading the good news about healthy eating. A vegan she is very media savvy and has been spent the past several months sharing tips and advice on how to make cheap, easy and most importantly healthy organic meals. But she is not just passionate about good healthy food. When she is not making food or talking about it, she is probably doing a voice over somewhere or recording a catchy song in her studio. Talk about being multi-talented.

For some years actually Alani has always been eager to engage in a conversation about food. We are what we eat after all and it makes so much sense to know what it is that we are actually putting into our bodies. Hence time spent looking more into food is well invested. So back to the story about supplying Pick N Pay with Sun-dried Tomato Relish, where does this story begin.

For me it started with the picture below.

Sun-dried Tomatoes

I saw this picture in my Facebook newsfeed and it stopped me dead in my tracks. You see I love tomatoes, so much that I eat one every now and then as a fruit and here was a lovely picture of mouth-watering sun dried tomato paste. I could already feel the juices in my stomach stirring as I imagined the paste on some bread. The write-up from Alani did nothing to ease the situation.

Here was the caption: 

” One of my absolute favorite spreads to make is the sundried tomato paste.
You only need 2 main ingredients:
Tomatoes and Apple Cider Vinegar.
Cut 4 large tomatoes into thick slices… spread out on baking tray and dry out in the sun or oven on lowest temp.
You can add sea salt, pepper and herbs if you like.
Once they’re as dry as you like (or impatient like me).. throw into a blender or food processor and add 2 tablespoons of APC (correction ACV – Apple Cider Vinegar) ♡
Delicious on raw zucchini noodles or raw onion bread!” 

Not a moment to lose

Without giving the matter anymore thought I quickly sent a note to Alani from telling her that if she made Sun-dried tomato spread I would buy it from here. I was now asking about how much she would sell a bottle of sun-dried tomato paste. There was a problem. It turns out Alani was not even selling but I wanted to buy. So I asked her how much? Before Alani could even be drawn into discussing the prices she insisted that the tomato paste had to be finished within 2 weeks because she did not add any preservatives. Personally I am a little overwhelmed by the long list of preservatives in food so I will take food with no preservatives any day. Hearing about food without preservatives was a breath of fresh air!

It’s probably just easier to share the slightly edited conversation with you:

The Convo about the tomatoes

Bruce: Hey Alani, if you made Sun dried tomato spread I’d buy that from you!! I love tomatoes so much. During my trip I was eating them as a fruit. I just added salt and ate them.

Alani: Hello! Wow really? The only thing is it’ll have to be consumed within two weeks. Which I’m sure it will be hahaha

Bruce: Yes really!! Why does it have to be consumed within 2 weeks?

I love the vibe from your posts. Maybe you should do videos as well.
Health eating videos!

Alani: I have done videos hehe.. every week. I’m on YouTube. It needs to be consumed within two weeks because I don’t add preservatives.

Bruce: I will check them out. How much would you sell sun dried tomatoes and how much time do you need to prepare them?

Sorry just taking my chances ?

Alani: Hahah  I’d probably sell a pot of sundried tomatoes for about R75. It takes me 2 days to make ?

Bruce: Please stop laughing. I’m very serious about this.

Alani : Ok.. so would you like to place an official order? ? How would I send it to you? I use a courier that charges R80 door to door.

I made my order for two bottles and they like to say the rest is history! The next thing I see that Alani will now be supplying Pick N Pay with her Sun Dried tomato relish.

Things get serious!


Fast forward about a week and half from that chat and I saw another interesting post from Alani. Now she was crowd sourcing opinion from her network about labels for her Sun dried tomato bottles.
“How cute do these temp labels look? (Still deciding)
I had a meeting with an outlet today… fingers crossed! And I have to do a demo and presentation for another huge outlet at the end of Aug. for one of my other products :)” 
Bottles with labels Tomato relish

Things were definitely getting serious. Here was someone who was not even selling this product to begin with. Now they were talking to an outlet about potentially supplying! All that within a space of 2 weeks. How about that? All I can say is WOW!

Alani posting on instagram about labels

Then the really big news

Then only a few days later the updates from Alani that completely blew me away. It has to be seen to be believed ladies and gentlemen.

Success Pic N Pay Midrand

Pick N Pay Midrand will now be stocking Alani’s Sun Dried Tomato paste. How about that for some inspiration today? All things are possible indeed!

If there are any lessons that I can pick up from her story it’s these few.
Work hard, Love what you do and Persevere. The results will not come immediately. You need to plant the seed today before you can reap the harvest tomorrow.

Work hard 

How simple can it get. Yes work hard. Sometimes we try to complicate the process of becoming successful. Some will argue that you need work smart more than anything else but there is no running away from the fact that to achieve big things you need to work hard.

Love what you do

Love what you do, there is really no substitute for that. People are attracted to their jobs by different things, the challenge, the money but it is incredibly important to love what you do. You can be brilliant and excel in what you do without actually loving it but when you love what you do, it makes a huge difference. I believe that the pain of effort goes away and work becomes play. When you play you can do even more because you lose track of time.


Keep at it. Things are not going to happen overnight. There will be times when nothing seems to be happening at all. Those are the days when the paint is drying. Then one day after a great deal of effort everything just seems to come together.

Here are others pics from Alani’s posts. I just hope you are not looking at them while hungry. It just might get your stomach juices stirring.

Raw vegan burger ♡ homemade
Lightly dehydrated raw veg kebabs ♡ with a peanut-herb marinade

If you are big on healthy eating, do yourself a favour and connect with Alani on Instagram.

Well done Alani and thank you so much for the inspiration