Ambassadors of Africa – Words to live by

Here some guidelines I follow as an Ambassador of Africa. #Africa.  They are drawn from the Tweets I have sent over the past few years. I follow these guidelines as  roving Ambassador of #Africa. These guidelines also form the basis of the book Ambassadors of Africa – Words to live by. The book is due out by the end of July 2014.

The guidelines served me well over the years and were written in no particular order of importance. Hope you have as much fun reading them as I had writing them. The guidelines are taken from the actual tweets sent out and no changes have been made to them.

  1. Ambassadors of #Africa,Research on the sons & daughters who’ve inspired Africa e.g. Kwame Nkrumah, Nelson Mandela,Martin Luther King
  2. Ambassadors of #Africa, Please don’t criticise your country or continent in public. You lose credibility as an ambassador if you do that.
  3. Ambassadors of #Africa, remember you are also a roving spokesperson for Africa. Spokespersons always choose their words with great care.
  4. Ambassadors of #Africa, if u are in the Diaspora touch base often with those back home.If u are back home,connect with those in Diaspora.
  5. Ambassadors of #Africa, you must constantly ask: If not Africa then who, if not in Africa then where, If not now in Africa then when?
  6. Ambassadors of #Africa, the only language you need to share is your love for Africa. That is enough.
  7. Ambassadors of #Africa, You will know fellow ambassadors by their words, their works and their deeds. You will connect!
  8. Ambassadors of #Africa, You’ve got to be a lover not a fighter. A lover of Africa. A person inspired and excited by Africa.
  9. Ambassadors of #Africa, You don’t have to live in Africa but without any doubt Africa must live in you!
  10. Ambassadors of #Africa, Every day ask not what Africa can do for you, Ask what you can do for Africa! Then do it!!
  11. Ambassadors of #Africa, The main requirements for your role are love for Africa. The willingness first, resources will come!
  12. Ambassadors of #Africa,The is the job without retiring. Until your last breath,, you are an ambassador of Africa.
  13. Ambassadors of #Africa, Remember the protocol always. Country and Continent first. It is not about you. This is bigger than you.
  14. Ambassadors of #Africa, You are always on duty, 24 7 365. Every word, everything you do is part of your job. This is a labour of love!
  15. Ambassadors of #Africa,it’s your duty to inspire the world & educate the world about Africa.There is much to learn & discover about Africa
  16. Ambassadors of #Africa, Keep your ears on the ground for any good,positive,inspiring news about ur country & continent.Share this with zeal
  17. Ambassadors of #Africa, you are not working for yourselves but your country and continent, your children and future generations.
  18. Ambassadors of #Africa,Don’t get caught up in cat fights about politics,leaders & the like. It’s very easy to get distracted.Stay focussed
  19. Ambassadors of #Africa,it’s easy to stray from your mission & purpose. Reflect every day on your great obligation to country & continent.
  20. Ambassadors of #Africa, respect for your brother and sister is of utmost importance.This is none negotiable no matter what the differences
  21. Ambassadors of #Africa,Everything you say or do reflects on Africa & your country.Choose your words with care.They will influence a lot.
  22. Ambassadors of #Africa, keep in touch with fellow ambassadors of Africa. Share news, connect and inspire one another every day.
  23. Ambassadors of #Africa, your leaders or parties are not your country or continent. These things should never be confused.
  24. Ambassadors of #Africa, it is your duty to defend your country and continent. Speak good always about your country and continent.
  25. Ambassadors of #Africa, Put your country and continent first at all times. Put it above political parties and leaders all the time.
  26. Ambassadors of #Africa, Praise your country or continent in public. When you have criticism, do it behind closed doors.

Hope you all enjoyed these tips. All the best!