Apostle Paul

Apostle Paul
Whose portrait is on the wall,
In this great hall,
Was once a man call Saul,
Then to Christ he was gall.

One out to maul,
On a roll,
Ready for all to fall,
Then he had his call,
Which took its great toll,
On him as a whole,
And His soul,
And just about all.
He had his fall
He had to crawl

What a light,
So bright,
At that site,
For a while lost his sight,
Something he would always cite,
The experience would bite,
How could he fight,
When not he was right,
But the Lord who said his plight,
Yes Saul in His might,
Like one high up a kite,
Was cut down in height,
Maybe not quite,
But now he’s so pure, in the great light!
– Bruce Tendai Mubayiwa (BTM)

(I wrote this around January 2006)

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