Are you running with your vision?

Do you have a vision?  I think every one of us needs a vision and long term goals in our business and personal life. I find it hard to imagine going through life without a vision.

Do you go about your day with your vision at the back of your mind? Are your actions and thoughts in line and in tune with your vision and your long term goals?  You have little chance of ever achieving your vision if what you  do  is in conflict with this vision.  Let the mind and body be in harmony, working as one.

Between this point and realisation of your  vision is your determination, hard work, courage and patience.  The vision is not realised on its own. It will require sacrifice on your part.With your hands you must work towards that vision conceived by your  mind.

At some stage the vision must be the reality!  Then it ceases to exist in the form that you have known and is now the reality you cherish and enjoy. Once it was formless, existing only in the realm and great distance  of the mind. Then  it will be a  tangible reality that you  delight in.

Once your vision, now your reality!

Get going with the vision!


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