Asset or liability?

This piece is inspired by the accounting concept of asset and liability.

VALUE – Are you adding value to your life? On the work and personal front do loved ones appreciate the difference that you make in their lives? At work are you making a meaningful contribution? If the value added cannot be measure, is it at least felt in one way or another?

DRAIN/ UPLIFT – What effect do you have on the people around you. Do you uplift and motivate others and bring out the best in them or do you you have a draining effect and give negative vibes?

REVALUATION – Do you take time every now and then to  evaluate things, to see how things are going? Do you compared your progress against set targets?  What do you do when you reckon that things are in serious need of improvement? What do you do when you a very big difference between where you are and where you know you could be if you really do your best. After you mark the adjustment that needs to be made, are you going to go through with it?

FUTURE BENEFITS – What are you doing today to enhance the results tomorrow? Are you working hard so that in future you can enjoy the benefits while you work? Do you take a long term view on things or is it all about the here and now?

DEPRECIATION – What are you doing to safeguard all the efforts of your hard work?  If we are not careful it could all lose value overnight.

ASSET/ LIABILITY – The way I see it we are all assets but are  we realising that value inside us! BTM

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