Back at the drill for a thrill!

Even before I got back to work, I knew there would be deadlines. I had been wise enough to take a peek at my mail while on the break. Maybe not so wise.  The holidays coming up at the end of the week did not make things any better. The deadlines were simply brought forward. That way everyone could take a break with the reports out of the way. 

Without missing a beat I was back at the drill, as if I left yesterday. The break had certainly done me some good. I felt a surge of energy as worked my way through my reports. I had done these reports many times before but I felt that this time I could do them a little different from before, do them a little better, deliver them a little earlier, the wording could be more concise and to the point. I looked at the figures like I had never seen them before and asked myself if they made sense. Punching some numbers on my giant calculator and going through some operations I could see where things could be corrected. Always great to discover the mistakes before the reports are submitted!

In between getting to work and delivering on agreed timelines I had to go around the department catching up with what everyone had been up to in the two weeks I was gone. This is the best of it really, the daily interactions with everyone whether during the course of my work and away from my work, the exchange and flow of information, the cross polination of diverse and varied thoughts and ideas.

It’s good to be back.

Back at the drill for a thrill! BTM

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