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After several months without doing any serious painting, I have finally picked up my paint brushes. A friend encouraged me to keep painting regretting why he had stopped painting himself. I am painting using the alkyds which dry much faster than normal oil paints. I actually prefer using charcoals to paints but one big challenge with charcoal is that it tends to smudge and its quite difficult to keep the artwork intact if its not quickly framed or put somewhere safe.

A painting which normally takes days to dry can take some hours with the alkyds. I am painting in the abstract and have absolutely no idea how the final painting will turn out. Before starting any actual painting, I have scribbled some lines using black pen on canvas and done some design which is really quite spontaneous. I didn’t even know I would paint early today but when I got home from work I started looking for the painting kit. In the past I tried to finish a painting in one evening but I think this time I will give myself one week to finish a painting. This will allow enough time for all the layers of paint to dry, hopefully, as well as reflect on the piece in between the painting. I have ruined a number of artworks after spending too much time on them. Now I am much more patient and can work on the same piece over a number of days.

I will paint a few sections of the canvas today then add more colours in the coming days. I still have to decide how many colours I will use but its great fun and I look forward to the adventure. BTM

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