Be faithful to yourself first!

Faithfulness is just one of many ingredients in any successful relationship. To be faithful is to true, sincere and steadfast. Whether in a relationship in our personal or professional lives being faithful is critical. If you are trusted in business, the chances of success are greater. Those who deal with you know they can count on you. They are sure that you will not let them down. You are faithful!

In personal relationships, being faithful has a profound impact. It empowers not just us but our loved ones and gives them joy within. How can that which is deep, intimate or sacred thrive without faithfulness?

But where does faithfulness begin? Does it start in relationships with other people? No! It starts with us, within us, in us. Charity begins at home and faithfulness is no exception. How can one be faithful in dealings with other people when they are not faithful to themselves, to their own ideals, values and principles. Let every man and woman be faithful and true to their conscience at all times and see what the world will become!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I dare you to be faithful to yourself first. There is GREATNESS within you. There is power with you!