Be flexible

Be ready to do things in a different way. Be open to new ideas and experiments. Keep your eyes open for better ways of doing things. Keep your ears on the ground and do not ignore the nagging thoughts of going in a different direction.

Move out of the way if necessary and let others who know better show you how it’s done.  As much as you might know, are you ready to know how much you don’t know? Stand aside as the foot soldier tells you how to do it in the front-line. Get ready to be amazed. From the front-line rush to the trenches and enjoy the different experience.

Be prepared to be challenged.  Accept that the way we did things in the past may simply not be enough for today. We have evolved and moved to a different point and situation.  Changing times, changing situations, changing needs!

Changing times call for a change in the way we look at things and in the way things are done.  Yesterday we only did so much because we knew so much. Today we know so much more, today we are equipped with the experience of yesterday and pushed by the curiosity that comes out with the morning sun.

Be prepared to learn with the enthusiasm of a kid.  Be prepared to question and take it all in like a kid. No preconceptions, no prejudgements no second guessing!  Be prepared to get it wrong as you seek to discover what’s right. Be willing to start again and start afresh. Be ready to lose it all, only so that you can get it all again and more.   Get ready to discover the unknown.  Get ready to be amazed.

While evolution served us well yesterday, today we may need a revolution.  Perhaps we had to be radical in the past but now might be the time to tweak and tinker with what we have without throwing it all away.  If we cast our nets far and wide before  it might be time to look closer to home. If we came up with all the solutions alone yesterday, today might be the time to talk to our neighbour.

Today came with a twist. Tomorrow awaits with the unknown.

How are you approaching it all?

Be flexible!

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