Begin with the end in mind

Today, I would like to share a simple lesson that I’ve picked up from chess, from running, which I think and apply to business and to life in general. Begin with the end in mind! Start something with the end in mind. So what do I mean?

When I’m playing chess, when I want to solve a puzzle, A puzzle where I’m looking for checkmate, I actually try and imagine what checkmate would look like on the chess board and then what I do is I try and work towards that desired position of checkmate.

In any particular game in chess when I make moves, the moves are never just random. The moves are inspired by a vision, an idea I have of where this game could go.  That vision of the future pulls me in the present and I make my move. The moves I make connect the present and future.

When I begin to run, I’m already thinking about myself finishing the run. I am thinking about the time I want to clock for this particular distance. That determines how fast or slow I will run. The end of the run influences my start.

I’m thinking, imagining myself as I am completing the run and as I go about running keeping that end in mind inspires me and keeps me going. Now think about this week.

What do you wish to have achieved or accomplished by the end of the week? Perhaps you are thinking about getting better visibility for your personal or corporate brand or getting more customers in your company. Or it could be better quality time spent with your family or making sure you have walked or run a certain distance by the end of the week.

Now how can you make that a reality? You work backwards in a sense. Because you already know you want to achieve.

So you begin with the end in mind and you work every day towards that end goal and I found that in chess,especially when I play without an end goal without an end in mind I start to drift. I start to drift and I’m in danger of losing. Keeping the end goal keeps me centred during play. I know that I am not there yet and I keep going.

So I want to encourage you that whatever you’re doing, Before you even get going, think about the end that you want to to bring about and work with that end in mind that hopefully that can inspire you to greater things in your life and in your business.

Let the end power and inspire the beginning.

Here is a short video to summarise this.

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