Being good is not good enough!

Being good is not good enough. You  need to make a difference in  what you do. Over the years of working, my priorities and perspectives have changed a great deal. It’s no longer enough to get the job done.  Making a difference in my early years was something that never really crossed my mind.

What does it take to make a difference?  What is a difference?  I would define a difference as making a definite positive and lasting impact on the people that I interact and work with.

PASSION – You have got to LOVE what you do.  When you wake up in the morning, you look forward to what you are going to do. You don’t think twice about doing it. You don’t look for excuses to stay away.  I know many people who are good at what they do but who  have no passion for it. They will do no more and no less than is expected of them. If you don’t wake up with this passion, are you happy with the status quo?

ENERGIZE – You have got to energise the people you interact with. Your interactions and work must speak  about your dedication to the craft and your commitment to excellence. You want to transform lives and you are doing just that.   When you are prepared to go the extra mile you need not spend hours trying to convince others to do likewise. Your actions will speak louder than any words.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT – You have to be constantly improving on what you have done. Even when you complimented on a great job, never rest on your laurels. Each you reach a new height of achievement, that becomes the new watermark. Do not retreat to lower levels. It was not a fluke. You worked for it and you can do it again.

STOP THE NEGATIVITY and ACT – Some people are negative every single day of their lives. This is a waste of precious life.  They are negative about their work, negative about their relations, negative about their leaders, negative about the level of crime, negative about anything and everything they come across it. Do something about it!   We channel our energies in something that will not benefit us in any way. If your job is causing you to be so unhappy, what is the cause of this and can it be remedied?  We work for the greater part of our lives and it would be reasonable that we are happy with what we do.

PUSH THE BOUNDARIES – Just because things have been done in a certain way does not mean that is how it should actually be done that way. Given your unique position, experience and perspective. After all no one else is in the very position, place and time that you are you in.  How do you  propose to go about doing things at this time? Push the frontiers! Consider doing things differently if you demand better results.

Being good was fine at some stage but not anymore. Anything and everything you do, you  must make a difference. It must be lasting.  After all this is your legacy. Everything you do lives imprints and footprints, the evidence that you passed that way! This should force you to constantly evaluate everything you are doing. Are you just involved or are you really committed to the cause.

Have a good one! BTM


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