I have been blogging for a little while now but actually had no idea how this whole thing started or where the term blogging came from.

For many years now I enjoyed writing things down whether in a diary, little pieces of paper anything I could get my hands on.  One of the biggest challenges I faced was maintaining records of all the material. Sadly a good deal of it was lost or destroyed. I have tried to reproduce some of it from memory. While the actual words may differ, I think I have been able to capture the same underlying ideas as before.

The breakthroughs in technology (including social network websites and micro-blogging included)  make it so much easier than before to readily capture and share our thoughts and ideas. We can do this on the go. I often wonder how prolific writers and authors in the centuries gone by  would have fared in the 21st Century.  With much less at their disposal they were able to write so much. How much more would they have done with the same tools today? Who knows.

Time will tell whether blogging is here to stay or just a fad.  There are thousands of blogs in the cyberspace graveyard for blogs. This is the least of my worries though. BTM

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