Charlotte Blignaut the muse and coach extraordinaire

Charlotte is more than your ordinary success coach. She has captivated thousands of people all over the world with her charisma and energy. She has been featured on local and international tv and several newspapers (Caxton papers, Sunday times, Beeld, Rio TV).

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Sometimes there seem to be so many coaches around us that we are overwhelmed when we need somebody to give us guidance and help us achieve our goals in a specific area. So you need someone you can count on, someone who stands out from the crowd. Charlotte is a deep inspiration, someone I know I can count on. Those who know her very well and have worked with her refer to her as The Muse, a title she has willingly earned!

Consistency is the name of the game

As I get older one quality that I appreciate more and more in people I know is consistency. I see consistency as being able to do something not just once or twice but over a long period of time. Charlotte for me is the epitome of consistency.

Consistency, Gracefulness and Longevity

I’m not sure exactly how long I’ve known Charlotte Blignaut, I think it is more 8 years! But one thing which stands out in the time that I have know her has been the credible consistency in how she goes about her business. She is not only very consistent at what she does but she has incredible longevity in her industry and business and she just gets the job done.  I love the game of tennis and my favourite tennis player is Roger Federer. In some ways I am reminded of  quality by the great Federer. If you have watched Federer’s tennis matches he is one of the fastest players in terms of the time between his serves. No wasting time, just get on with the business, do it well, perspire, inspire and entertain in the process. Top quality every time. Charlotte has mastered the habit and process. Consistency, Gracefulness and Longevity!

The energy is huge

I remember very clearly how the energy just stood out in our early chats and interactions. and it’s been amazing and fascinating to watch Charlotte in her journey. I found out when I researched after I had been coached by her, that she was not only a belly dancer who had so many events and engagements to attend  but also a prolific coach with a very busy diary. How did a belly dancer become a Success Coach? How did she get into belly dancing in the first place and how that connect with coaching executives?  I wondered about this.

How did this belly dancing begin?

Charlotte tells the story of belly dancing and how it all began. “ I started my own dancing as a creative outlet, a hobby, since 1989/1990. I have since travelled extensively for research and training in this art. I eventually started the Jewels of the Nile dance studio in 1997 until 2011. In stress management workshops and women’s empowerment workshops, I now use some belly dance, with music and body work to facilitate creativity, fun and motivational team build sessions for all demographics and sizes of groups Personal growth and transformation guaranteed”

Charlotte’s Purpose is your Success

Charlotte sees her legacy as an empowerment Success Coach who has a key focus on authenticity, transformation, balance, independence, individuality, solutions driven goals and accessing your truth. These are very important values to her.

Philosophy that drives her

She believes in authenticity and truth and a direct no-nonsense approach. Charlotte says it is through awareness, knowing and acceptance of who we really are, that we come to realise our full potential. This awareness brings to the fore the fact that we have choice – how to access it is one of areas of expertise we each have. She thrives on working with accomplished and newly rising leaders, with professionals, who strive to make a difference in their lives, and all those with whom they communicate/work with.

According to Charlotte energising our inner individual authentic power with Passion ensures there is NO turning back on the journey to new discovery and a new path to walk/way being.

This Essential Mindshift is the way of the future.

The challenge to be relaxed and in control

Charlotte reckons that professional people are generally under the spotlight often and challenges us to imagine being under the spotlight, and being relaxed and in control of own inner emotions, to ensure less conflict and more inner peace? Imagine the difference we can make to our world then! How powerful is that ladies and gentlemen?

Walk the talk, do you practice what you preach?

Many people have amazing tips for personal life and business but very few people are able to walk the talk, to drink their own medicine, to practice what they preach. I have been inspired by Charlotte over the years because she lives the advice that she so generous in sharing this with others. Somebody once said that the older I get the less attention I pay to what people say and then more attention I pay to what they actually do. Action speaks louder than words. The nature of Charlotte’s past businesses and skills acquired have grown her unique and substantial learning and experience in non verbal communications and the powerful use of creativity and movement in individual growth.

Adding value through your living your purpose

When we were catching up Charlotte asked me one question, Bruce how can I add value to you? I replied, you have inspired me more than you’ll ever know. You have no idea how much you’ve done for me already in your life. Thank you so much.

Just watching Charlotte inspiring others over the years, bringing people to achieve their life goals and dreams has shown the deep fulfillment and satisfaction that one can find in living their purpose.

How about a few questions to know Charlotte even better.

What is your life motto or tag line or verse if you have one.
Never Give up on yourself

What keeps you going to do what you do?
A sense of knowing that each day feeds my life purpose.

Are you an early bird or night owl?
Early bird, the birds first calls are my usual alarm, and I do  yoga and meditation every morning.  I am a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, I can’t preach a balanced life with movement discipline in it, and not do it myself.

What are you most afraid of in life?
Dying before i have fulfilled my purpose

What accomplishments are you most proud of in your life?
Finding Inner resilience

Have you ever experienced failure and how did you recover from it?
There is no failure when intention is pure, there are only lessons in compassion and gratitude.  There are mistakes I have made, but acknowledging and embracing them without excuses is the easiest and fastest way to let go.

What do you spend most of your time doing?
I do much transformational work, and being eternally curious, always looking for new ways to add value, be creative and make a difference, plus, have multiple streams of income and I distribute time to work on each a bit, every day and when I am not doing that, exercise, read, binge watch historical series.

What one word that best sums you
Persistent? or as I am told….I never give up…

What is your ultimate life goal and your vision?
To inspire a better balance of authentic power between evolved men and empowered women, with heart based conversations and to teach love for all breathing earth participants

What and who inspires you in life and why?
The people who never give up of their dreams and vision, the people who live that, the people who inspire me to be a better person

What legacy do you hope to leave behind?
You have a body, mind, and a unique voice, use it with grace, wisdom and compassion

What is your vision for Africa?
To get what love really is,  to teach the world how to use emotions to heal our deepest wounds that we each have – it starts with each of us

Any parting thoughts or words or advice?  
YOU matter, your  emotions matter, it is not just your brain and body in you as a package deal –  treat all 3 with respect and listen to your heart when in doubt

What is the best way for people to reach you?  

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