Check yourself!

Many of us are very keen to take things to the next level in our lives. To improve in whatever we are doing, to excel, to up our game.  What does your current foundation look like? Can you build on that foundation? Will the house stand? Will the foundation hold the massive dream that you carry? Check yourself!

Sometimes you need to overhaul the current structure before you build that glorious vision. If you have destructive habits they will catch up with you sooner or later. The chickens will come home to roost at some. Before we set out on our journey, let’s first determine where we are. Check yourself!

Building on a shaky foundation might seem impressive for a while but sooner or later it will all come crashing down. Reassess your habits! What do you think about most of the time? How do you actually spend your time every day? Are you accountable for every hour of the day? Check yourself!

You cannot build while standing in soft sand. Get a grip on things. Get a grip on reality. Get a hold of your dreams by moving to solid ground. It might be painful but in time pain will give way to gain. Check yourself.

Don’t fool yourself. Don’t kid yourself. A bold vision and dream needs a solid foundation! Be honest with yourself. Get help if necessary. Get real. Get going. Check yourself!

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