Clarity and Focus –

Clarity and focus are incredibly important things in life. For some time I’ve been battling with where to place some of my content and writing.

As you might know by now, I love to write, but there are some things which I just could not find the best place to put them. I was lacking clarity in what I really wanted to do and, because there was no clarity around this, I did not have focus as well. Some of the things I put here just did not fit, but I knew that I had to post them somewhere. I realized that I needed to have a separate website that is focused on coaching itself so that the content on that website only has to do with coaching.

So what have done in the past few weeks or months is that I have come up with a completely different website which is CoachTendai.Com

That website will be completely focused on the coaching aspect of my life and will not have any other content. This website will have anything and everything else which does not fit there. By doing this I think I’ve managed to overcome one of the challenges that I’ve had over the past few weeks and months.

I think there will be now much more clarity and focus on what I’m doing and things will not in one big mix.

Peace and Love


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