Cold shower on a morning like this, no ways

Water in the sink this morning, frozen

This morning when I saw the ice in the sink, I really thought that one has to be crazy to take a cold shower on a day like this. And yet, when I got into the shower, I did my usual ritual, stretching a bit and then before long, I was in the shower. I am complaining that it is cold these days and yet cold showers are non negotiable. That does not make any sense at all, I think.

I don’t even think twice about taking my cold shower unless I am not feeling well. Why? Because cold showers have become a part and parcel of my life for some years now actually. To me the hot water does not even exist at all. I cannot even think about turning on the hot water in the shower. The thought has not even crossed my mind. It is as if the hot water does not exist at. It is like I have completely blocked that option out of my mind.

At some stage I looked up reasons to justify why I take cold showers but now I realise I don’t care about these reasons anymore. I take cold showers because I love them and I am just so used to them. There is no choice on the matter anymore for me.

Once we get so used to doing something, it becomes a part and parcel of our life. I have come to conclude that my day does not really start until I’ve done two things until I’ve recited my verses and until I’ve taken my cold shower. Only when I have done those two things, has my day really started. And this is something which I want to take to other parts of my life, the power of habits and rituals. They can transform any part of our lives when something becomes such an integral part of our life that we can’t imagine life without it. And now that I’ve taken my cold shower, I am good to go.

Before I started writing this piece I checked the temperature and according to the internet it was still -1 degrees celsius. What puzzled me is why I had not reached out for a jersey. I was already on the computer typing something.

There are very real health risks of taking cold showers in this weather. I do not recommend it at all actually.

So why am I writing about cold showers if I do not recommend them in this weather? Do I make any sense at all.

My point is really more about habits and rituals. If we really want to do something, we just need to keep at it. I find the first few weeks of a habit the most challenging. That is when the risk is greatest that we will fall back to our old ways of doing something. If you really want to do something, I think it is a question of how badly do you want something.

It could be taking up exercises, doing more reading or changing the way you act in a relationship. We could all do with good habits in out lives.

Don’t overthink the good habit you want in your life. Just do it today, do it tomorrow. Keep doing it and one day you will back and wonder how it all happened.

Here’s wishing you the very best in setting and maintaining good habits in your life.

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