Commit! Follow through! The pain!

I made the commitment some months ago regarding a number of goals in my life. The commitment would have far reaching implications in my working and personal life. The goals stretch beyond the current circumstances of my life.

I realised that no one was  going to set the goals for me. No one was going to push me to achieve these goals for me.  I had to do it, not for anyone else but for me.  It was not about conforming to or fulfilling some external standard or requirement. I set the standard that I had to meet myself.   I knew the potential I had but this was not enough and never has been. I needed the reality!

After the decision regarding the goal was made, after I committed,  I acknowledged the sacrifices that would have to be made. In return for the progress I sought, I needed to step out of my comfort zone. To get out there and convert uncertainties.  Unless we are willing to till and cultivate the land, it will not bear any fruit for us. To go beyond what I have known into a new terrain, new environment, new world but also one of  great promise and prospects. To have my views challenged, to learn new things, to be in a different space. All these come with the territory I seek to gain.

Because I had the dream only I really knew about the dream.  No one could deny my dream. I saw everything clearly and vividly as if it were right before my eyes.  I did not need to convince anyone I had the dream.  There is no evidence of the dream for anyone to see and no need to give any evidence of the dream. There was no need to tell anyone about the dream, except he that cared to listen and who could help in realising the  dream, even though it was my very own.  There is neither any evidence of the dream for anyone to see nor the need to provide any evidence to anyone.  The dream was mine to cherish but more crucially it was mine to take forward and mine to live. What I do might appear meaningless but daily my thoughts, words and actions are directed and focused on and aligned to  my dream.

To say that I had the chance in my life and I made the most of it. To say that I had a dream, woke up and actively worked towards that dream.  I started working on the dream before I forgot what the dream was about. I wrote down the details of the dream and every day I stopped to think about the dream. I followed that which I saw in the dream. I followed my heart. I followed through on the dream.

Now I feel the pain of following the dream.  The pain is necessary. Without this pain there is no gain. For me the dream will remain in the main. Every day towards the dream my eyes and body will train, my efforts not to be in vain. Even if I must go through the rain, and risk a coat with stain.  In my mind there is no doubt, not even a grain. From this goal I will not refrain even if my strength should drain.  I committed, made the follow-through and I will deal with the pain.  In time it is no longer the dream I long for but the reality I experience. BTM

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