Lately I have been distracted quite a bit. Are birds attracted to cars?  This is a question I have had on my mind for a few days.  It’s been a source of irritation lately and a costly one at that.  Is there no respect between the species?

Distraction, someone has said this is what happens when we are not focusing on the ball. This is what happens when we our take eye off the task and matter of hand. In that instant, in the twinkling of an eye unimaginable disasters have occurred. We have missed a great opportunity, we have lived to regret, all because we could not just keep at it for a little longer.  A player in front of goal stopped to look at a ranting fan behind the goal posts  , a truck driver thought he could send that sms before the rail crossing, an executive thought he could attend to some personal mail while in the middle of a work memo and got the two mixed up.  Ladies and gentlemen there are no replays in reality! Whatever you are doing, see it through!

But do we really need to be distracted? Can everything else not wait while finish the job? What other moment could be more crucial than the present? Can we make up tomorrow what we have failed to do today? Can we allow ourselves to be distracted and compromise to set in? BTM

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