Don’t reinvent the wheel

What ever you are trying to do, there is a good chance that someone has either tried to do it  before you or someone has already done it. Somebody has probably been there before.

But just because they did not make it should be no reason to discourage you. Build on the progress of those who have already attempted before you. Learn about their mistakes  of both those who have failed.

If those before you have succeeded then it has been demonstrated that it is indeed possible. You need not look any further than those before you who showed you the way, who showed how it is done. Now it is your turn. Go for it!

Stand on the shoulders of those  before you that you might reach higher.  Hold on to what’s already there  that you might extend your reach.  Add your weight to the effort that you might topple the obstacle, overcome the challenge at last. Continue from where they left off and see if you can take a step further or even all the way.

We see this phenomenon across many fields and areas of life, in business, in leisure, in personal life.  There is always need for a point of reference. Before we can improve, we need to find out what exists and why it needs to be improved.  If we all had to start from scratch all the time, how much progress would we make?  Where would we be? Before we could take to the skies, did we not need to have an idea of how to move on the ground?

Where you stop, someone will continue. Sometimes you will not be the one to conclude but rather he who begins or extends the quest to achieve. Do not lose heart that you have not been the one to take the glory. For indeed the ultimate achievement will not have be possible without the cumulative effort, without the effort and without the learnings.

Don’t reinvent the wheel!  – BTM

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