Ebrahim Heammaenia, the world’s first ocean biker

EbrahimMeet the man Ebrahim Heammaenia the incredible, the world’s first ocean biker.  He is the first person in the world to bike an ocean. When I got in touch with Ebrahim I was trying to figure out what it means to bike the Ocean. Biking is riding so he is the first person to ride across an ocean. How on earth do you ride across an ocean? I was trying to get my head around that? Do you use a bike for that? I had all these questions so I couldn’t wait to watch his videos to find out more about this incredible achievement.

Born on  25 June 1976) Ebrahim is a Persian-Dutch gentleman with a great appetite for adventure. It is not every day you come across someone who will bike across a lake let alone a body of water as vast as an ocean. According to wikipedia the Atlantic Ocean is the second largest of the world’s oceans, following the Pacific Ocean. With a total area of about 106,400,000 square kilometres it covers approximately 20 percent of the Earth’s surface and about 29 percent of its water surface area.

Why bike across an ocean
The whole idea behind biking was to bring people together and to spend the noble message that education is very important and that all children should be sent to school. Children must follow their dreams, how beautiful is that?  Ebrahim developed the world first amphibious cycle (boatbike) a human-powered vehicle capable of operation on both land and ocean. So this man is not only a super athlete but an inventor. He is the founder of Dutch Dream Academy, committed to empower students & entrepreneurs to maximize their potential through inspirational lectures.

The perils of such an adventure
Some of the dangers that Ebrahim faced along the way included sharks. In his opinion the sharks in Brazil became more aggressive. At least he has survived to tell the tale. At some stage the sharks started to hit the Boatbike causing some damage. Fortunately, this was big enough to derail the project. However, Ebrahim reckons riding on the road was even more dangerous given the speeding cars and trucks on the road.

Boatbike expedition across the big cities 
Ebrahim biked the Atlantic Ocean in 68 days by an amphibious cycle (Boatbike). He crossed several big cities as Dakar, Natal, João Pessoa, Recife, Aracaju, Salvador, Vitória, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. The boatbike actually looks like a car, a formula racing car from several decades gone by. It has 4 wheels, predictably two in front and two at the back. The Boatbike is equipped with 14 gears and sometimes can reach speeds of 45 kilometres per hour especially when going downhill.

What is Willpower about? Willpower means following your dreams, simply!  Just continue and don’t give up. So what’s next for this intrepid adventurer, well to write a book about this amazing, daunting experience, hopefully make some good sales and go back to square one, start again on another adventure but this time in the Pacific!