Even after a tough week, another is coming!

Its been a tough week. In spite of everything that has happened life has to go on. Life continues! There is certainly no hope of connecting all the dots at this stage.  There are probably not enough dots at this stage to make sense. There are not enough answers to take care of all the questions.  Not enough answers to go all round. Some questions will simply go begging, unanswered.  The lack of answers does not stop me from asking more questions.

The hope that is that one day everything will make sense and that all the dots will connect and form one big picture. The dust does not rise forever. At some stage it must settle. Even the most difficult of times will pass. In time we can smile again. In time we hope to understand and to have the answers we seek.

Thank you and goodbye yesterday. Today I am with you. Tomorrow, here I come!

Even after a tough week life goes on

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