Failure a part of it!

It’s the second day of the Leadership conference at the Global Leadership Centre (GLC). It was a truly amazing day. Today we had Barrie Bramley from Tomorrow Today talking about “Managing Talent for High Performance”. He is an extremely passionate speaker very knowledgeable about his subject matter.

The quote I took from the presentations today was:

Failure is a  part of moving forward.


  1. Hi Bruce

    Google Alerts picked this up this morning.

    It was a great day. I enjoyed it thoroughly myself. Lots of good conversation. I still have much to learn.

    Ben’s unexpected thank you at the end was wonderful. I’m still processing the idea that you make your wife available to your brother, and how I’d feel seeing my brother’s spear in the ground outside my house : )

    Thanks for your engagement during the day. Enjoy the last few days. Catch you around, perhaps on a first person shooter game, where we can explore failure as a strategy first hand : )

  2. Barrie,
    You are welcome.
    I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and so did my colleagues.

    Ben seemed to catch everyone by surprise with his thank you! We are just coming from Alexandra where Ben also gave a great speech.

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