Finish with a flourish!

No matter how well you started, your finish could make all the difference. All the effort, all the work, all the accomplishments thus far might count for little if you compromise the finish.

Do not put all that effort to waste. This is the one time when everything comes together. This is the icing on the cake! This is the happy ending that every story must have. The story might have been interesting so far. Give it the ending that it deserves. A fitting finish!

Leave a memorable impression. Leave an impression that lasts. Be remembered for the right reasons. As long you don that shirt, play in that team, work for that company, have that position – you give it everything you have got. Nothing that you do must betray or give a hint that you are on your way out. You continue to go about your business with your usual contagious excitement and enthusiasm.

Right up to the last minute, you are not just involved, you are fully committed. You are part of it, you are fully immersed. You are not on the sidelines; you are not in the fringes. Your zeal and energy are just as remarkable. No one is wondering why you have become your quiet and withdrawn. Everyone is seeing that you still in the game and still very much a part of the action. You are not quitting while you are still playing.

Your finish must not be haphazard, or sudden.  Your finish must be well planned, thought out. Your finish must not forced, your finish must be a deliberate, well considered and executed  strategy. When you finish those around you must not heave a sigh of relief but must be saddened to lose a dedicated and reliable member of the team.  Leave good memories and successes and not regrets and failures.   Make friends and lasting contacts and not foes and fiends.  No need to burn bridges in the last instance but rather to build and repair.

When you decide you are going to finish, realise that you are probably going into the most difficult stretch. This stretch will be the most demanding. It is so easy to let slip. Do not for a moment let your guard down.  Your dedication right up to the last minute might be unquestionable. Up till your last moment there must be no doubt about your loyalties and your commitment.

Seek to leave an impression just as you sought to make an impression during the first days and to won hearts. In the very beginning you wanted them to see what you were capable of.  Nothing has changed since then. They saw your capability and today you show that it’s business as usual. The more things are changing the more things are staying the same.

As you go about your last days, last hours, last minutes, remember that to some these will matter more than any other period.  Many will observe carefully your conduct and watch for the tell-tale signs of one who has lost interest and motivation.  Some will watch anxiously for you to trip. Do not give this pleasure to anyone.  Do not let your standards decline for any moment.

Tell yourself, “This is it. This is the last chance. I will make the most of it.” Nothing is going to get in your way. Nothing is going to trip you at the last hurdle. Nothing will make you look bad.

You started alone. You finish alone. Don’t be encouraged by those who stay behind to do or say things you might regret.  It’s your legacy. It’s your finish.

What a finish it’s going to be! Finish well, finish strongly. Finish with a flourish! – BTM

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