Fungai Chiposi – The man who walked 1,000km in his fight against litter

Fungai Chiposi - The man who walked 1,000kms
Fungai Chiposi – The man who walked 1,000kms

Sometimes great events in history take place before our very eyes but we are too close to them to fully appreciate their significance. Someone does something absolutely incredible that shifts our perception of limits, boundaries and idea what is possible and what is note. In time perhaps when we fully reflect on the events only then do we truly appreciate the magnitude of the achievement and feat. In time we gain a better perspective and are able to re-live that incredible moment in time, perhaps even a turning point for not just a handful but maybe even an entire nation.

When I read something about¬†Fungai Chiposi¬†walking 1,000km a while back I had to re-read it. I wasn’t sure I had read it correctly. I got it right the first time. This man was indeed going to walk 1,000km. Such was my fascination that I would anxiously await any updates from his walk. He had enough time during the walk to post updates on social media. Such was his passion in increasing awareness about litter and getting rid of litter that he was prepared to walk such a distance and share experience along the way.

Fungai Chiposi - Providing inspiration for the ages
Fungai Chiposi – Providing inspiration for the ages

A ordinary man in our midst has risen to do the extraordinary!
Fungai has not only provided inspiration to myself and many others but no doubt we will pass on the man’s story to other generations. He has provided inspiration for the ages.

And he is not yet done. After walking such an incredible distance he still has enough in the tank to do 5km. He doesn’t have to but such is in the incredible tenacity, determination and spirit of the man. Fungai, I salute you.

Anyone in Harare want to join him, he is doing a ‘final 5 km stretch’ Saturday, 12 April at 7am from Cresta Lodge in Msasa to Pennywise in Eastlea.