Henry Chitsenga, The Philanthropist

There are many, many people who have inspired me in my life. Henry Chitsenga is one of them. I connected with Mukoma Henry, some years ago through Facebook and we have chatted every now and then. I am just amazed by the incredible work this man has done  in Zimbabwe over the years with orphans. His vision and life mission is simple, to leave the world a better place that he found it and I believe so far he has already done that, looking at all the people whose lives he has been touching along the way.

Mukoma Henry is fiercely determined to fulfil his mission. Nothing will stop the man. He used to teach at Morgan High in Harare and many times when I have mentioned fellow students from the school that I engaged them, he tells me he taught them in this year and that year. A few examples are Kennedy Makahamadze , John Mangwengwende and Michael Luberto whose paths I crossed because of chess.  What I find very remarkable is that often he is able to give me the exact years that he taught the students.

Mukoma Henry is currently a Maths Teacher at St Edward’s School in the United Kingdom. About teaching he says it is a noble job which he values most. What drives the man I asked him. He is driven by the abject poverty and suffering of the less privileged members of our community. It is his dream to help just a few orphans so that they can get the best education they deserve.