Hope in contrast

The pressure is mounting,
but so is your resilience,
You want to frown
but there’s reason to smile,
Things are getting tough
but you getting tougher,
You gonna give up a little,
but gain a whole lot more.

You are making mistakes
but also getting the experience.
You are taking risks
but reaping the gains..
You made to be the fool,
but you are really the wiser.

Some think they are hurting you,
but they only makin you stronger
Some will pull you down,
but you just keep popping up.

Yesterday is gone
but today is here
Today is going
but tomorrow awaits us,
The time is passing
but there is yet more time before us.

You feeling hopeless
but there’s much more to be hopeful about,
You are stumbling and falling
but only to rise again and keep going!
You want to stop
but you’ll keep going!
You want to give up
but you are going to make it.


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