How I got the Africa bug on Twitter?

Africa Tweets

I used to tweet about quite a number of things on Twitter from social media, technology, innovation and a little bit of content on Africa. It was quite a diverse mix.  These are areas that I am  passionate about. When analysing my tweets what amazed me was that even though tweets on Africa were in the minority they had the highest levels of engagements in terms of retweets, replies and responses. It seemed my network on twitter connected mostly with the tweets on Africa.

What was it about Africa? Of course I love Africa but what was it about the subject. I guess the answer is simple. There are other people out there who have similar ideas or who also feel very passionate about Africa and can relate to what I tweet. I have been challenged a good deal on Twitter on my views and I have found that to be one awesome thing. The responses on Twitter, where there are weaker social ties, seem more dynamic in my views and less predictable than say on Facebook where my friends are the ones who will most likely respond to my posts.

I asked myself an important question. Do I want to be talking about a range of topics or specialise in one area? Both approaches have their Pros and Cons. What made it easy for me to decide what to do was I genuinely enjoyed the discussion around Africa. So over a matter I just started to focus more on Africa. For other subject content I make use of my other twitter accounts.

Since focussing on Africa, I have been quite surprised by the rate of new followers coming on board. I am even getting a few invitations to attend events which is just awesome. It is quite surprising how something that starts out as a side thing can take over the show. I am definitely not complaining about the outcome. It just means more fun.

Let’s see what happens. So far so good.

Curious to see what these tweets are about, why not check them out here. 

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