If not today, tomorrow!

Worry not that today you will go to bed with something unresolved, with something that still needs to be done, with something still on the to-do list.  You have done all you could today and made the most of it. Your efforts were sufficient today. You gave a good account of yourself today. Well done!

Ask not for more hours or more minutes in in the day. There are already enough. That’s how it is and that’s how its always been.  This is something that you can’t change so rather focus on the things that can.

Time won’t  stop moving today just so that you can finish what you are doing. Time waits for no one. Time is forever marching on. Tick tock clock!

Remember there have been so so many before you who have done so much  with the same hours and same days of the week. They did it and so can you! Great legacies have been over a lifetime, over decades.  But they too started with one day!

There will be more to do tomorrow but that’s just fine. For the work and tasks that will await you there will be sufficient resources. You will wake up with a full tank!

Have your rest today and enjoy it.  Don’t disturb your rest by dwelling on the shortcomings of the day. Tomorrow you will be refreshed.  You will be amazed by your own insights!

If you did not get it today, you will do so in the  morning. Life is such that you can’t do everything in one day. There is just no way that could happen. What would you do the rest of your life if you could do everything today?

If not today, then tomorrow!

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