Impossible – It Means Possible!

Some people seem to get extra motivation when told that something is Impossible. Why is this the case?

Others give up the minute they hear something is possible but these people get excited and can’t wait to get started. When others are getting out, they are plunging in. When others are declaring NO, with an emphatic YES they go about their business When others are saying, this is the end of the end, they shout out, we are only getting started.

History is filled with such examples. Men and women who dared to go against the convention and belief of the day. Men and women who dared to question even at risk to their own lives. To say something was indeed possible when for centuries it has been uttered otherwise without question.

Could the difference in attitude be more than a question of faith, values or even background and education? Could the difference in the attitude to this word be a matter of how this word is interpreted? Please allow me to propose that these game changers are a different breed. They are stubborn. They do not give up and have a tendency to just keep at it no matter it.

But maybe the basic difference be the in the attitudes lie in how they interpret the simple word IMPOSSIBLE? For them it’s an invitation to try, to explore, to venture, to start, to continue! For some the word possible and impossible mean one and the same thing. How so? 

Some people read Impossible in an inspiring way.
Some people read Impossible in an inspiring way.

Are you one of these stubborn people who read things their own way, who see what they like, who do as they please, and in the process achieve the Impossible. After all Impossible, It Means Possible!