Impromptu article – The real credit

It’s very easy to take credit for success in life. How often do we acknowledge the people who have just crossed our paths and changed the course of our lives forever? Sometimes it is just the few minutes that we spend with someone, a few words said in time, or simply someone just prepared to listen. In my case it was not minutes or days, it was months and years.

I have been fortunate in my life to have many such people. People who have appeared at the critical junctures in my life, at the cross roads, people who have sacrificed so much just to see me through. Sadly I have lost touch with many of them but every day I live and feel their impact in my life. Such is my indebtedness to them, that I could never fully repay them in any way for their time, their kindness, their patience, their faith and belief in me, but most of all their love. The time they spent away from their own families and commitments just to see through.

Little did I know then that those simple things we did would one day come to mean so much. The hours spent talking about the issues in life, the fellowships, the meetings at church, the church services, youth events, all night prayers and the long walks in the neighborhood. Admittedly then I sometimes wondered if I could not have been somewhere else but looking back I wish I had spent even more time.

Possibly the best way I could repay all these great people in my life is to be there for somebody else and to heed the advice and remember the lessons learnt. That somebody for me includes a total stranger. Just as I was in great need of guidance, advice, every now and then I come across someone who also needs some pointers, some advice, someone to bounce ideas on. After everything I have gone through and experienced should I hesitate at all to help? I have not always understood the motivation people have had to help me. In the same way I need not be understood if I want to help in some way. Someone took time to believe in me when I was nobody. Somebody was prepared to listen and did not pass any judgment on me. I do not believe in coincidences myself but rather that there is reason for everything that happens under the sun, as irrational as this might appear to some.

I remember them in my thoughts and prayers and hope that our paths will cross again some time. With the passage of time we have been scattered in all corners of the world. We may be separated by great distances and divides but the lessons and memories live on and nobody could take those away. I cannot correct everyone who gives me credit for anything but I know who deserves the real credit and I thank them. BTM

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