Integration in social media

THE CHALLENGE – When I started blogging on WordPress  in 2008 it things were very different.   I enjoyed the blogging and still do immensely.  However, there were many challenges with blogging and interacting on the social media networks like facebook and LinkedIn. If I wanted the same material on my WordPress blog to also appear in my facebook notes, I had to post it again in facebook. I also joined the Twitter bandwagon and Linkedin and the experience was the same. If you wanted to post in each of these applications you had to log in separately. Nothing was integrated at that stage and it was very frustrating working in all these applications.

THE COMPETITORS – I wondered if all these companies who were in one way or another competitors could come together and do something that would benefit me, the customer and consumer of all their products.  What would it take for WordPress, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter to be all connected and integrated?

SINGLE VIEW STRATEGY – I came up with a strategy that I wanted a single view of all my online and blogging activity.  However, this would not be without risks. Did I want details of my personal life leaking into my professional life? Did I also want details of my professional life mixing with other information from my personal life?  I thought it was inevitable that over time the lines between the two would get blurred. In preparation for the single view I had to revisit my facebook profile and get it ready for integration

COMFORT ZONE – Over time I realised that some of my friends facebook were not keen to go outside facebook to read my blogs.  I was also unsure of inviting my readers on WordPress to become my friends on facebook so that they could access my notes.  People were comfortable within that particular application and did not want to go outside it.

CONTINUED IN HOPE – I did let not my frustrations get in the way of blogging and posting on the social media platforms. I continued in hope, believing that one day it would happen. I would do a copy and paste between the different platforms. Today that this is no longer necessary.

THE REALITY – I longed for integration and it today it’s a reality.  Today I also need to post in one application like LinkedIn and it will not only update my Twitter account but facebook status as well. For me it’s a dream come true. I post a blog on WordPress and it updates my profile in Facebook and my Linkedin account. We even have Facebook Connect now which takes the integration to another level.

LESS WORK, MORE FOCUS – The integration of  the various social media means less work for me as a blogger and networker. I only need to work on one or two platforms and I am assured that the work will update on my other profiles in cyberspace within seconds. I can now focus more on actual content that I posted instead of worrying whether I have copied everything across.  I am very excited about social media. BTM

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