It’s back to

Im backAfter a few years with a self-hosted site I have now returned to It was very exciting having a self-hosted site being able to do all kind of customisation, installing plugins and having complete ownership of the complete look and feel of my website. However, my security was not always up to scratch and 2 self-hosted sites were hacked over the past 3 years. I lost a fair amount of material in the past few years.

The move back to was probably as sudden as the move away. I realised today that my website needs are very simple. I want a very simple, very clean look and feel, lots of white space. I am not big graphics and the like though my interest in video has increased a great deal over the past few years. I look forward to sharing some random video recordings over the coming months.  In moving back to wordpress  I got into a mess over the domain names as I had moved my domain  Go Daddy and now I want to map back to

I have written a great deal on Facebook since moving from  To a large extent Facebook contributed quite a bit to me blogging less. Let’s see what happens going forward. Fun times!


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