Jump into the deep end

I recently jumped into the deep end in my career. I had a complete career change and started in my role and company a few days ago.  Of course it’s far too early to tell how things will go in the long term but I am absolutely loving it.  One of the questions I ask myself is why did I take this long to make this move. Well honestly I was scared. I was afraid of the unknown. I was comfortable with what I knew and had always done even though I no longer had the motivation and drive to continue. The number crunching had served me for the better part of my working career and it brought the food on the table. But did I have the passion, energy and enthusiasm to excel in it and bring the very best out? Not really!

Just about everything so far is different. From the size of the company I joined to the culture and the way things are done. In my first few days  I know about one third of the company by name and which area they are in. I am hoping that by month end I will exactly what everyone does. I have had fun memorising names and roles. Forgetting people’s  names is a NO NO for me going forward!

The environment is high pressure and target driven but everyone is extremely friendly and willing to help.  In my first few days I am already talking about sales, how to grow the business and leverage on my networks.  There is so much to learn and having the experts right next to me is very reassuring. Having jumped into the deep end, I have to swim. And swimming is not good enough, I intend to swim well! I hope for the best and can’t wait to get into the office on Monday! One day I want to say I took my chances and was not just content with what life threw at me but actively worked towards the circumstances I desired. Bring it on! BTM

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