Keep dancing, keep talking

Over the years I’ve concluded that dancing and public speaking are among the things that most people dread and with good reason. In both dancing and public speaking it’s very possible to make a complete fool of yourself and no one really wants to be the laughing stock or the butt of jokes. But I’ve been more than happy to do this on a number of occasions.

I once completely forgot an entire speech in front of an entire audience and I was stuck on the stage for the next 5 minutes. That was my turning point as a speaker. I never made such a big mistake again. Yes I have forgotten things mid-sentences here and there, but as dramatic as 1995 in high school when I completely froze in front of a whole school. Despite the risks with exposing yourself like that, I believe that with dancing and speaking, it’s also possible to experience a freedom and delight that few other things can bring.

If you might stammer or lose your way during your speech, keep talking. You might have two left feet on the dance floor or as was the case in this video, dance twice as fast as the music. But you know what, Keep dancing! If you are going to enjoy life you might have to forget that about the people watching!

All the same I think you need to be a little crazy to dance like the guy in that video.