Keep searching but don’t let your guard down

You might feel that you are not in your field of passion or doing what you really love. This is certainly no excuse for mediocrity and mediocrity is something we should not accept. Keep searching, all the while doing your very best in what you are doing.  How can you seek to enhance your reputation in one thing while you are failing in another. BTM


  1. One’s calling is not a journey but a destination. Other jobs or commitments that confront one before getting there, no matter how undesirable, are the preparatory coursework, what they call training in sport.

    It is quite acceptable to make all kinds of mistakes on the training field. However, the same does not cut it on the main stage.

    When you reach the place of your calling, you had better be ready. The occassion does not allow “finding yourself moments”. You ought to have found yourself by then, exuding calm and confidence, being the man of the moment. That moment, short as it is, takes an entire lifetime to get to it. Therefore make it count.

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