Keep the team in place!

Have you now got a team of people who will help you achieve your goals in your work or personal life? It’s up to you to decide how big or small the team is going to be.

Don’t disband the team after initial success. Do not let success get to your head. Guard against complacency at all times. There will be more success to celebrate in future if you stay together. Maybe the members of the team might change with the passage of time, with good reason, but don’t do away with the team altogether.

Don’t give up at the first hurdle. Together you will overcome. Divided you will be sure to fail.  The lessons you learn at each hurdle will serve you well in future hurdles.

No finger pointing in times of failure.  No need to make any member of the team feel bad, unwanted and costly to the team. However, everyone needs to learn from mistakes made. To err is human but to make the same mistakes repeatedly is folly. The team’s failure is temporary and in fact a pedestal to the next level which is success.

No one should take all the credit for success. Even if you have played a bigger role than others, this is secondary to the overall success of the team. Your level of contribution will vary with time. No need at all to give minor and major credit. Everyone deserves credit period!

Just as you fight together  from deep in  the trenches, so too will you celebrate from high up on the hilltops. 

Keep the team together! Keep the team in place!

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