What are you going to KEEP (K)doing?
What are you going to QUIT (Q) doing?
What are you going to START (S) doing?
There are some things you are doing right surely.
There are things you excel in,
KEEP doing them.
KEEP at it!
Look and find ways to maintain your staying power.
You know what they say, If you got a good thing, KEEP it going!
KEEP it real!
KEEP it!

QUIT the bad stuff,
QUIT the bad habits.
These take you nowhere.
It might hurt a little, a lot even but think of the long term.
You know you are going to get better if you QUIT now.
QUIT while you can,
QUIT the nonsense.
QUIT it!

START now.
START doing those things that have been on your mind for some time.
You know you need to do those things.
What are you waiting for? When are you going to get STARTed.
You won’t believe how could good it will feel once you are STARTed.
What a difference you’re going to make.
So get STARTed!
On your marks, get set, START!
If you ain’t KEEPing anything,
And you ain’t QUITing anything,
And you ain’t STARTing anything,
Then we got a problem for sure!!
We need to check for a pulse.

Bruce Tendai Mubayiwa (BTM) ©

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