Lessons from sport

There is a great deal we can learn from sport that can be applied to life in general. Here are a few of those lessons. I tried to put them in order. Hope you enjoy them!

Silhouette of Men Playing Basketball
Silhouette of Men Playing Basketball

1. Study the greats before you but aim to go faster, better, further and higher.
2. Go easy on talk, results are what really count.
3. Don’t give away your game plan, catch everyone by surprise with your execution.
4. Be calm and composed before and after your race.
5. After winning the race, if you relax next time someone else will win.
6. Don’t give away the secrets to your preparation. That’s a big advantage.
7. You can’t win future races based on past performances.
8. There are talkers then there are doers.
9. Champions are made in the gym, every single day whether it’s cold, hot or raining.
10. Once the race is over, celebrate then start the real hard work! The next games are around the corner.
11. When you win start new preparations with the hunger of someone who has never won before.
12. A few seconds of indecision could cost you the big prize.
13.Remember when you win that you didn’t do it alone.
14.Even when you win, remain a student of excellence always striving to improve and do even better.
15. Your time in the game is limited, make the most of it!
16. Look after your body, mind and soul. None of these can work really well without the others.