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Several months ago I decided to study a few people across different platforms to see if I could pick up any lessons from their online activity. I had concluded that there were a number of people who stood out in certain industries and wanted to see if they had anything in common. What made these people stand out?

Here are the observations I have made from some people who are very successful in their industries, with some generalisations here and there:

1. CONSISTENCY – They are consistent in their social media activity. You could go back a year into their posts and you will see that they were as regular then as they are now.

2. THOUGHT LEADERS – These people have been at it for some time now and have positioned themselves as thought leaders. When you think of something, their name might be one of the first you think of.

3. FOCUS – They are very big on focus. They are not talking about everything but limit their posts to a few areas related to their industry or line of business.

4. IMPACT – They are not on many platforms but where they are, they are making an impact. They have engagement on their platforms, meaningful discussions. Some of them focus heavily on one or two platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. They will be very strong in one of these platforms.

5. VERY LITTLE OR NO HARD SELLING AT ALL – You will not find hard selling in their content but they are generating lots of business.

6. INTEGRATED APPROACH – They have found an integrated approach of sharing content. From the website, social media to email communication, you can see that they have taken time to think deeply about their approach.

7. NEWSLETTERS – A number of them have newsletters which are sent out regularly.

8. GENEROUS WITH INFORMATION – These people are generous with insights and have a collaborative mindset.

9. PUBLISHED BOOKS – A good number of them have published books in their line of business.

10. BIG ON VIDEO – Video stands out as one of their most effective ways of connecting with their audience.

11. PLAYING THE LONG GAME – These people are not in it to make a quick buck. They are playing the long game. They have been at it for years and it looks like they will be doing it for many more years to come.

12. DEEPLY INVESTED IN THEIR AREA – These people really love what they talk about it. you can easily tell.

13. MOST OF THE CONTENT ON THEIR WALLS IS THEIR ON – Most of the content that they share is their own. They will share other content from other sources but most of the content is their own.

14. THEY LOVE WRITING – They love writing. It can be writing very short posts or long one but they love writing or maybe it is their love for connecting with their audience.

15. COMPELLING STORIES – These people have a compelling story to tell. If you start following their posts, you can’t wait to read the next post. They pull you in.

16. MOST ARE USING THEIR PERSONAL PROFILES to position their brand and businesses.

17. FOLLOWING – These people have gained a following and their opinions are sought after on certain topics because they distinguished themselves.

18. TEAM IN PLACE – It is quite easy to see that they have a team in place helping them out. Everything is quite seamless.

Ladies and gentlemen, start wherever you are! You can do it.

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