Let’s get to work!

A few months ago construction began on a building nearby in Bramley. I was amazed by how much time was taken on the foundation alone. I would come each day and it was difficult to tell if there had been any progress from the previous day. There was certainly a great deal of activity at the site, many people engaged in all sorts of activity, many trucks, mixing of concrete.

Then slowly but surely things began to take shape. From a deep rectangular pit in the ground, it started to fill up. Steel rods and pipes rose into the sky. Suddenly it seems things had gone up a tempo in terms of speed and progress.

I wondered if life is not like this in some way. We have to invest a great deal of time, effort and planning into the groundwork, the early stages, the foundations because that’s sets the pace for everything else. A solid foundation means a reliable structure. A solid foundation gives you confidence for the storms that lie ahead. You will be ready come hail or thunder.

We have to take our time, be diligent, so that when we hit the ground running, things go as smoothly as possible and we are ready for the challenges that lie ahead. Rush your foundation and you will have a wobbly structure. A structure with a poor foundation will be very difficult and expensive to fix. Get it right from the onset.

Ladies and gentlemen, work on your foundation. Don’t rush your concrete mix. You will only short-change yourself. Be thorough in your preparation. Let your roots go deep. Do your research. It will all pay off. As a certain gentleman loves to say, Let’s get to work!