Life, chess, strategy, tactics!

A few days ago I  picked up Garry Kasparov’s “How Life Imitates Chess.”  I have had the book for months now but just could not find time to read it. I have decided that no matter how busy I am, I need to find time to read every day, even if it’s just one page.

Chess is one of my favourite hobbies and over the years I have noticed how many things  in chess apply to life and vice versa. Two common things that we find both in life and chess are tactics and strategy. The same could be said of other sports. Before we embark on the execution by way of tactics which are short term, we need to be guided by a long term plan, the strategy.

The long term plan is brought to life by executing  small shorter term plans which are aligned to that overall strategy.  Without short term plans it would be impossible to achieve our long term plans or strategy. The long term plan is too big to fully implement in one go. The short term plans make it digestible.  It is achievable after all but one step at a time!

The tactics we use each step today will be guided by the strategy in mind. The strategy is fairly dynamic and living. As the circumstances change so will our strategy. An old strategy can only be sufficient for old situations. If things change we must upgrade our strategy. As we upgrade our strategy there will be impact on the kinds of tactics we use.  Sticking rigidly to one strategy without any enhancements along the way is a recipe for disaster. As the facts change, we must change our views and assessments.

Most of us have long term plans regarding our working and personal lives. Sometimes we even plan for future generations. However, each day gives us a chance to take a step towards that vision. Each day we are required to carry out a short term plan. The sum total of our short term plans is the long term plan. The short term plans we carry out bring to life our long term plans but it’s a gradual process. It’s a journey! BTM

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