Lost my voice, motivating!

Today I had to meet a friend I had not seen in a while. The meeting was supposed to last a few  minutes. After all, it was really freezing today and it made so much sense rushing back home soon.  However, my friend brought his younger brother with him and before long we were discussing some really serious issues in life. In my chat I drew upon just about everything in my life.

I only realised how long we had been talking when I looked around the restaurant and saw that everyone else was gone. We had been talking non-stop for some hours. We are the only ones left and the waiters were very patiently waiting for us to pay up before they could lock up. Honestly I was a little embarrassed.  My voice had gone hoarse from all the talking.  In fact my voice was gone!

Going back home I realised just how much I love to motivate and uplift people.  For such a long time, for so  many years I really struggled with my purpose. What was my purpose?  Would I ever get to discover it? Why really did I exist? I have done a great deal of searching in my life for many years looking for meaning. I read up a bit on philosophy and tried to find out how some of the great minds had addressed some of the basic questions in life.

I have found my purpose and it gives me so much joy every time I am able to share a word of encouragement and uplift someone. I love painting, playing chess and a whole lot of other things but nothing gives me as much  peace of mind as  motivating and inspiring others and trying to bring the very best of them. When I introduced myself to my colleagues at my new company, I said that if anyone in the office was having a bad day they could talk to me and I would make them feel better.

My approach when I motivate is I act like my life depends on it and I believe it does. I use a multi-faceted approach and draw from all my life experiences thus far, personal and professional, spiritual and non spiritual, from my experiences as a chess player and artist, from dance and from the thoughts I have about life.  I love to talk and share ideas. I don’t worry at all about what I will say. I believe that God will inspire me in everything I say and do. I don’t worry about using big words. I don’t need them. My message needs to be simple and straightforward.

Being a motivator is really fantastic. I am living my dream every single day. In everything I do I try to bring my enthusiasm, energy and zest for life.  I carry with me a positive message and am always trying to spread the vibes. I do take some knocks now and then but guess what, I just get up and keep going!  My love of motivating others fuels my hunger and thirst for knowledge, I am looking to discover and learn more, that I can also share and uplift others.

I am really excited right now to be alive and to have a chance to tell the next person that all things are possible. I used to wonder about whether I will live long but right now I am really concerned about the quality and impact  of my years. Every single day I must give it my all, every day I must use the chance I get.  The chance to tell you that you can do it and that you will, if only you can believe it.  I don’t mind talking about it for hours, even if it means I will lose my voice in the process.

Have a great week and all the best in everything you do!


  1. Woww, l’m touched beyond measure. Keep doing what you do best and the pleasure will be yours.

    Hope God continue to grant you the energies and voice!! to fulfill your destinies.

  2. I have read a lot of your blog posts but I must say you have really become better beyond comparison. And not because of big words but because you are more focused and are burning with contagious excitement and zeal. in other words, your writing gets the reader to say, ” I wanna hang out with this guy.”

    • What can I say Mr Ray? I am speechless. I just hope I can now make it through the door given the size of my head now. 🙂

      Thank you so much for the words of encouragement. I am glad you enjoy reading my blog. Enjoy what is left of the week and all the best in everything!

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