Lots of fun at the IMEX Future Leaders Forum

Bruce Mubayiwa before his talk on professional and social networking
Bruce Mubayiwa before his talk on professional and social networking

I had lots of fun at the IMEX-MPI-MCI Future Leaders Forum in Sandton, Johannesburg where I had been invited to talk about Professional and Social Networking. The invitation came through when two individuals in my LinkedIn network (David Sand and Jeanine) referred me to Dale Hudson, Knowledge and Events Director – IMEX Group at IMEX. Follow the conversation about this incredible event on Twitter on #IMEX13.

IMEX Future Leaders Forum,Sandton, Johannesburg
IMEX Future Leaders Forum,Sandton, Johannesburg

Before my talk I had called Iris Francis, a very powerful public speaker for some tips. I asked her what she does before her talks. I recently recorded an impromptu interview with and was really amazed by her incredible talent. Back to the IMEX event, while preparing for my talk, I met two ladies who were attending the event and they promptly agreed to impromptu interviews. As with most of these impromptu interviews, I have no idea what I will ask but once the camera starts recording, it all just starts to flow.

Naomi and Sinothando were incredibly articulate. I was very impressed. The interviews completely spontaneous, no preparation whatsoever and they were absolute pros. We started talking and within 5 minutes I asked to record a video. We did just one take in the interviews. I did not even know what questions I would ask. That’s how spontaneous it was. Reflecting on the interviews I think Naomi and Sinothando should seriously consider professional public speaking. 

Here is the first video with Naomi.

Soon after that the interview with Sinothando followed.

It was originally my intention to go through a standard Powerpoint Presentation. However, on arriving at the venue I realised that I was going to have the dreaded graveyard shift, after lunch. How about that? What a challenge and I was up for it. I promptly abandoned my plans for a powerpoint presentation and decided to talk without any slides. It was just an excuse anyway as I am not particularly fond of powerpoint slides. Douglas Kruger, the champion professional speaker has been a great influence in this regard. He is one of the very best in the game and he does not seem to like the slides.

My talk was highly unstructured and spontaneous, typically so. I also walked around a great deal which posed a huge challenge to the person taking the video. When I started talking I asked a question and basically used the response in my talk. The main idea behind the talk was simply to generate excitement and passion for professional and social networking. At the end I went over my time by quite a margin and I hope the speaker who came afterwards forgave me for this. There were a lot of questions and we agreed that I should come back to field more questions. Hoping to go back today to take more questions at 11am.

Oh and here is my video by the way, I had almost forgotten 🙁

It was a labour of love editing all the videos from the event through the night. I am not all that pleased with the quality of video but it gives me a base to improve from.

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