Master, Captain, Commander!

You are the master, the captain and the commander. You determine where and how your ship will go. You have control over what you think, how you react.  With each thought and action you take, you are getting closer to the destination whether it’s one of choice or not.

Will you ride the tides, the challenges that life is throwing at you or will you drown beneath, will you give in and give up? Will you succumb?

Master the tides, the adversity you are facing,  command your ship, muster your courage and strength and sail through the rough waters.

Take charge of your ship.  Do not be a passenger where you are captain by birth. That is your birthright. No one can take it from you. No one can run your ship as if it were his own. If you abandon your ship it has no hope of arriving.

Even as the gale force winds of immense challenges blow fiercely yet you withstand the raging storm, you are rising above it all in your life. You use the powerful wind to set and maintain sail, you are using adversity in your favour. You are drawing strength when others are weak.

You are shaken from side to side, shuffled  up and down, stirred like a martini but not toppled, the ship continues to navigate the unpredictable waters of life. Remaining resolute towards your fixed destination, your ship will not be stopped by anything, not even the gigantic glaciers, the most terrible of circumstances which you sail through with courage.

With your trusted compass in hand, your values and your principles that even in the dead of the night, you know the direction and more importantly take it. In your ship you always know your bearings, your position on any given situation.

You will reach your destination of choice in the journey of life and not be shipwrecked to resignation, failure & desperation. You only drop the anchor of victory at the harbour of your choice destination. You study the stars and pick out The Great Bear, Orion the Hunter, you are getting there using the landmarks in life that have guided many others before you. Long after your journey is complete, many others will sail after you and marvel at those guidelines that you used. The same guides used by others to navigate the vast waters of always a unique journey.

How many knots you travel at in your ship, your speed and pace of doing things in life, is entirely up to you. You do well not to imitate another for you have no idea where on the seas he heads, how and why.  Not only do you want the ship to arrive in one piece, having made a good journey, a good life, you want to enjoy the trip as well.

You are constantly watching out from the signals of the Lighthouse tower, advice and rebukes from trusted friends and companions to keep you from troubled waters, the situations we do best to stay away from in life lest we crash into the rocks, the disasters that can suddenly end trips. The tower will  guide you in the fog,  those situations in life when everything is not so clear, you honk your horn as you pass others in the rough, you are asking others to help out, you need a sounding board.

There will smooth and calm seas of life when everything is going well, when life is like one long holiday. There will be crystal clear seas  and there will be murky waters when nothing in life is clear or straightforward at all.

With the speed you build up powerful momentum, energy to go through any sea, any challenges in life. You are ready for any situation on the sea, in the middle of nowhere in life you are prepared to give it a go. You are watchful for any change in the currents and the winds.

Singing “Yellow Submarine” you recall and recite words of encouragement, you do not feel the cold on a blistery wintery night, in the most depressing of circumstances. If you go down in the seas it’s certainly with a smile on your face. To the very end in life you will be grateful and positive.

When your ship goes down with it, when things take a turn for the worse you take it on the chin. You do not blame the sailors, the people in your life, You are ultimately in charge. You are after all the captain, the master, the commander, of your ship, our life in the high seas and tides and even the low seas and tides.

Sail on captain, master, commander! I salute you! – BTM

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