The wrong game, the game to avoid! BTM

What is the right game? I have no idea what that game is for you. However, here  are some tell tale signs that you could be playing the wrong game.

1)¬† You don’t actually enjoy playing this game. Playing the game has become an obligation. You spend a good deal of the term thinking about things outside the game. It is not uncommon for you to spend considerable amounts of time looking at the stands. You envy those who are not playing the game with you.

2) You feel trapped in the game. You feel that you have to keep playing no matter what. You feel like a hamster running in the wheel There is no stopping. The game has become a critical part of your life. You can’t imagine your life without the game. But you know even if you stop playing, the game will go on.

3) Your game and your life have become interchangeable. The game is an important part of your life but like any game you play, you put away the playkit at the end of the day and start again tomorrow. You cannot live the game twenty four seven. There needs to be a start and stop regarding the game.

4) You don’t feel you are making any difference to anyone anything. Some people you play with don’t actually know what position you play in the game. You are a mystery man in the game.

5) The game adds to your stress each day. Each day there are more problems coming out of the game. You wonder and ask yourself, what will it take to enjoy the game.

6) The greatest moments are when you are not playing. This is very sad! The time spent away from the game should be a time to get much needed rest, regroup and refocus. However, being away from the game itself should be a great cause for celebration. While we are out of the game, we should ponder and reflect on how we are playing the game and see if anything else can be done.

7) The minute you start playing the game, you wish you could take a time out and you do anything to delay the game. You become known for being a slow player. No one can count on you when you are playing.

8 ) You are playing for the wrong reasons. During the first days the game was great fun. You wanted to win so badly and you thought it would make you happy for as long as you played. Now you are just one miserable player in the game!

9) Mention of the game brings bad memories. Mention of the game to you is enough to spoil the day. The game is anything but fun for you. The game is drudgery. The game is discomfort.

Are you playing the right game? No one can really know the right game for you.

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