Much ado about nothing

I am now on a 2 week break and trying to figure out what I am going to do with this time. Its been a very long time since I took leave.  Hopefully I will get to travel a bit, do some painting  and play some chess.

It’s also a great time to reflect about the year so far and the road ahead. We are certainly living in tough times but it’s always refreshing and encouraging to remember that pressure made diamonds. So why can’t you be that diamond if you are not one already? And if you one already make sure that your shine and brilliance show in their  totality.

These are not times to give in to the situation but times to rise above the situation. Before you know it THIS situation you are in will be THAT situation you were in. 

If you are going through hard times in any area of your life, just remember that everything passes. The sun will rise tomorrow morning and set in the evening. You are bigger than the situation. The situation will not determine how you live your life but you will determine how to live your life, given the situation!

If you have suffered some kind of setback, how are you going to bounce back? What have you got up your sleeve? If you don’t have something yet, give it a bit of time before you get the Ace!

If you really down, perhaps now you can get the clearest view of what lies above and what lies ahead. Maybe your glass is  not really empty but just not full!

So instead of just waiting for better days, make the better day yourself. Make it happen! Refuse to be distracted by the passing present and instead keep working away on that great vision you have. Lets not focus and on what we don’t have,  but instead lets make the most of what we have, what we got, what we can use.

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