Muscle memory? Power of habit perhaps!

Sometime ago a female doctor spoke to her husband about something called muscle memory. Ben  did not believe in such a thing and the matter was soon forgotten. How could muscles have memory? A few days ago Ben had difficulty recalling one of his computer passwords. At the time he was away from my computer and for some unknown reason he believed that if he got back to his computer at home he would have no problem recalling the password. Fast forward to yesterday Ben had no problem typing the password.  It just seemed to come naturally once he was on the key board, his particular keyboard. He simply could not explain this.  Have you ever tried to remember your passwords, pins and codes when you don’t actually need to use them?

REFLEX ACTION – It seems that Ben was able remember the password because when he sat on his keyboard at home, his fingers hit the keyboard in a certain format and sequence which by now had become like a reflex action.  Maybe the password story is not so great. I certainly would not encourage anyone to try and remember their passwords this way. Ben can also can type without having to look at the keyboard even though he doesn’t think he knows where the letters are.  He did typing in school several years back. It was very hard then but after years of practicing it now it seems that the fingers know where the letters are. He had never thought of it this way till now. How many other things is Ben doing is his life without really thinking about it?

POWER OF HABIT – It seems  that sometimes we can remember certain things without actually being aware of it. If we do something often enough it can be engrained in the system which can be a good thing as well as a bad thing. If we can keep reinforcing the good and positive things and do them as often as possible, they become a part of us, these are the habits and mannerisms. If this can happen with the positive things, it could also happen with the negative and undesirable habits. We need to manage this risk in our lives.  We should nip negative habits in the bud before they assume a life of their own!

POSITIVE THINKING – Let us strive to think positive, to be optimistic at all times and all situations. Imagine the effect if we could re-enforce this every single day of our lives.  We imagine sometimes that the greatest impact comes from the things we say and do. These things probably have their thoughts in the recurring thoughts we have had for some time. Think positive, act positive and speak positive. Surely if we are beset by some crisis, no matter how big, we will strive to draw some positives. Even when you are down and out, the sun will still rise tomorrow!

Have a great one and all the very best! Use the power of habit to your advantage! BTM

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